About us

GS5 (Global Skills, Students, Safety, Systems-thinking, Sustainability) is a skills and competency-training provider.

Why GS5?

GS5 (Global Skills, Students, Safety, Systems-thinking, Sustainability) is a skills and competency-training provider devoted to excellence for both students and employers.  GS5 provides students an opportunity to become best-prepared, employable, skilled personnel supporting growth for the global aviation and aerospace industries with focus on safety and in other trades.  Using virtual reality, gamification and other immersive technologies, GS5 is converting traditional classroom education and training, into new and engaging ways to develop a highly skilled, customer centric workforce with rewarding careers.   

Our immersive training / learning integrated workplace (LIW) methodology is achieved primarily without brick and mortar, providing employers an excellent means for gap and/or developmental type training for employees without having to attend off-site college for extended periods of times. Not removing employees from the floor mitigates radically the employer’s loss of production. Additionally, GS5 integrates soft skills training and will utilise behavioral based recruitment programmes to assist in candidate selection for industry.

Working with all the industry players in aviation and aerospace, including manufacturers and regulatory and certification bodies, using project-based pedagogy, we are refining training to a competency base approach.


Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is the core foundational cultural ethic and enabling component of GS5. It provides a comprehensive collaborative model to enable all required skills to support sustained Canadian global technological, innovation and service competitive advantages and market share growth. 

The GS5 collaborative model will create new/expanded highly skilled employment and work force mobility opportunities inclusive and in parity for all diverse groups. The development of the GS5 Collaboration model was modeled in an inclusive way – input was collaboratively garnered from industry, academic (all levels), diverse organizations, Industry organizations and Government Agency stakeholders.

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