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Want to become a coach, contributor or content creator? Read about how you can get involved.

Why get involved?

Reason one

The global Aerospace and Aviation market is poised for long term growth and faces critical labour shortages. The growth of businesses in this industry, and perhaps even their very survival, will be put at risk simply because of thee lack of available specialized resources.

Reason two

Inspire and encourage youth to enter skilled trades in Canada’s Aviation and Aerospace.

Reason three

Skilled trades play an important role in our economy, society and touches all aspects of our lives, from the vehicles we drive, to the homes we live in and the aircraft we fly on.

Contribute Program Content

Contribute expertise and technical competencies to course development. GS5 is continuously seeking to add to its technical library, course curriculum and delivery materials to support all training and workplace readiness programs. If you are interested to contribute your expertise and want to enhance the student experience, press the button below.


Be a GS5 Boomertech

Provide Coach/Mentor support to students in person, online or both. GS5 is seeking to add to its Boomertech team of experts to support all training and workplace readiness programs. GS5 will provide an analytical perspective where sudents/employees can develop metacognitive skills via in person and virtual mentoring and coaching from GS5 Boomertechs. GS5 will also implement the “GS5 YOUwork incubator”, a competency-based developoment for “Workplace Readiness” including but not limited to:psychomotor skills, understanding of sociological context, economics, culture, interpersonal communication competence, including empathetic and service-mind focused. If you have knowledge, experience, credentials and leadership and want to share with students learning your disciplines, please click the button below.

Become a Contributor

Write an article, submit a reference document or tell a story or personal experience. GS5 wants to build a hub of information, intersting articles and show the human side of life long learning skills development annd career opportunities. Your contributions will greatly enhance GS5 students, partners, stakeholders and collaborators engagement and experience. If you are interested in contributing, please click the button below.